Welcome to Biological Sciences 162: Organismal and Population Biology!

BS 162 is one of two introductory courses required for most life science majors. Students may enroll in BS 162 if they have completed BS 161: Cell and Molecular Biology or its equivalent. There are usually several sections of BS 162 offered each year, so be sure you are referencing the correct website and materials for your section.

Semester/Section: Fall 2015, Section 002
Days: Tuesday, Thursday
Time:  12:40 – 2:00 pm
Location: A1200 MPS (Molecular Plant Sciences)

Tammy M. Long (longta@msu.edu)
Office: S-336 Plant Biology
Office Hours: I am usually available after most classes for questions. I am also happy to arrange appointments to meet with students individually or in groups.  In addition, I will announce periodic evening reviews and drop in sessions throughout the semester. Contact me by e-mail for an appointment.

Learning Assistants:
Hannah Rose (rosehann@msu.edu)     Peter Morkos (morkospe@msu.edu)
Ryan Sugnet (sugnetry@msu.edu)       Rebecca Blundell (blundel2@msu.edu)

Required Materials:
1. Textbook. Understanding Biology by Mason, Johnson, Losos, and Singer (2015). Additional information about the text is located at the FAQ page.

2. i-Clicker 2. Be sure to get the i-Clicker brand. Many courses use clickers, but there are several brands (e.g., Turning Point, e-Instruction, etc.) and they are not inter-compatible. i-Clicker is one of two standard models currently supported by MSU. Many courses use i-Clickers, so there should be options to buy used.  We will register your clickers in class. DO NOT use the on-line registration that is described on the i-Clicker package. Additional information about clickers is located at the FAQ page.

3. Carbonless Notebook. Hayden McNeil Student Lab Notebook 50 pages. We will regularly assign and collect in-class work that you will complete carbonless paper. Carbonless paper creates two copies of your work – one for us to collect and score, and one for you to keep for your records and to use in your studies.  Over the semester, we will use 1-3 sheets per class meeting.  If you already have a carbonless notebook for lab, you may use the same one for our class.

Bring to Every Class:
Carbonless Notebook
Note-taking materials (paper, notebook, pens, pencils*)

*We do a fair amount of drawing in class, so many students have found it helpful to have a few colored pens/pencils handy.