9/1/2015 – Lab Logistics and Mitch’s Research

In today’s Long Lab meeting, we ironed out details for the semester. We discussed meeting timing, future lab meeting topics, short ways to describe the lab’s research,  and potential dates for the next lab gathering.  Mitch also took a few minutes to discuss his preliminary ideas for his research project.

Our next meeting will be on Monday, September 14th. We will talk about the elevator speeches and discuss the second section of How People Learn from the National Research Council.

We will not have a weekly meeting on September 7th (Labor Day.).

8/25/15 – Börner Paper Discussion

For today’s lab meeting, the group discussed the paper Network Science by Katy Börner. The group went over the nomenclature used in network analysis and talked about ways this type of analysis can be incorporated into work that is done in the lab.

Next meeting will be dedicated to planning for the semester.

7/21/15 – Etiowo Practice Presentation

Today in the Long Lab meeting we took time to help Etiowo practice his presentation on Models vs. Essays for the SABER conference next week. He was able to go through his presentation, and afterwards we reviewed parts that were strong, and others that needed to be worked on.

Next week’s meeting will also be dedicated to fine-tuning the SABER presentations one last time before the conference.

7/07/15 – Ifenthaler Paper

Today we went over the paper, The mystery of cognitive structure and how we can detect it: tracking the development of cognitive structures over time. We initially brought up some questions that we had as we read through the paper, including questions about cognitive structure and lingo of the paper.

Next week, we will read a paper on graph theory.

6/25/15 – Practice SABER Presentations

In this week’s meeting, Caleb and Etiowo showed their progress with their SABER presentations. They were able to talk through their projects to see what they still needed to work on and change for the final presentation at the conference. Because of the time we took with these presentations, we didn’t have enough time to discuss the paper for this week.

6/16/15 – Seth’s Practice Presentation

In this week’s meeting, Seth practiced a presentation about Ecology. After offering ideas to add to his presentation, we discussed the paper Drawing-to-Learn: A Framework for Using Drawings to Promote Model-Based Reasoning in Biology by Kim Quillin and Stephen Thomas. Stephen was also able to join the discussion and we were able to ask him questions more about this paper.

Next week, Caleb and Etiowo will give their practice presentations for the SABER conference in July. We also will discuss a paper that is to be decided.

6/09/15 – Ainsworth Paper

This week in the meeting, we discussed the paper DeFT: A Conceptual Framework for Considering Learning with Multiple Representations by Shaaron Ainsworth. While it being a more difficult paper, we were able to dissect it and get a better understanding on what a representation is. We talked about the best time to use representations, and the differences between representations, models, analogies.

Next week, Seth will have a draft of a presentation to show us.

6/02/15 – Duit Paper

This week we started our series of papers to read this summer. The paper we read this week was On the Role of Analogies and Metaphors in Learning Science by Renders Duit. This paper struck up a good discussion, and everyone hopes to discuss it further another time.

Next week, we will talk about another paper to soon be decided.

5/19/15 – RCR

In this lab meeting, we dedicated the time to do the RCR Module “the Lab”. We also decided to have papers to read for future lab meeting discussions.

5/12/15 – First Lab Meeting of Summer

Today was the first lab meeting for the summer. In this quick meeting, we talked about summer goals that the lab had. We made sure that these goals were manageable, measurable, obtainable, and specific.

Next week, we will read a paper and continue discussing research questions to apply to our lab.