4/29/15 – Continuation of Paper Discussion

This week we continued to talk about the paper discussed last week, 4/22. We branched off from our brainstorming session last week to think of ways we could translate these ideas into the classroom.

4/22/15 – Paper Discussion

This week in lab was solely dedicated to discussing the paper Item Feature Effects in Evolution Assessment by Ross H. Nehm and Minsu Ha. While we talked about the paper itself, we also brainstormed possible research questions that could follow up this study.

Next week will continue to explore this topic.

4/15/15 – Research Interests for Summer

The past two weeks, as a lab, we went to two seminars. In the beginning of this meeting, we discussed what we liked and disliked and what we thought was interesting about the seminars.

We followed up talking about possible research interests for the undergraduates for this summer. In the next couple meetings, we will be discussing papers that we hope will spark interest in research questions that would relate to our lab. We will also be having a brainstorming session in the future that will give us a plethora of options and levels to go from.

3/25/15 – Social Media in the Classroom

This meeting we started with administrative focused topics. We were introduced to GQueues in order to more efficiently communicate tasks that need to be done within the lab.

Our main topic of conversation was the use of Facebook and Twitter in the classroom. As a lab, we went over the pros and the cons that exist for a class Facebook group. We also talked about if discussion boards or Facebook group conversations would be more beneficial for class discussion, questions, and integration.

3/18/15 – SABER abstract

In the meeting today, after starting off with announcements from the lab, Etiowo presented his project that he has currently been working on. As a group, we discussed and asked questions on his findings and came up with ideas on different ways to further analyze the data.

3/3/2015 – Visit from Dr. Stolzfus

Today we had Dr. Stoltzfus and Andrea join us to discuss their current research in Biology education and models. They talked about their ISB and BioSci classes where they had the students do models and their findings. In their presentation, they were able to provide examples for us from the courses to show their models.

As a lab we were able to compare our findings with theirs and discuss possibilities to change and improve each other’s methods in the future.

2/25/2015 – Vaccinations part 2

Today we jumped right into talking about vaccinations again. Last week we discussed the media’s effect that it has on the public about vaccinations, while this week we talked about student’s perception and opinions on vaccinations. We discussed Joelyn’s analysis on these understandings.

2/18/2015 – Vaccinations

We started with talking about the possible smart board software and boards. Hannah talked about the ActivInspire software from Promethean with a small demo of what features the software has. We discussed the pros and cons with the software for the purpose it will be used for.

After, we continued with the much popular debate on vaccinations. Everyone found an article about vaccinations, being pro or anti, and the current public perception of vaccines was examined.

Next week we will continue the discussion of vaccinations.

2/11/2015 – Vision and Change

We started with action items from last week, going through and seeing what was completed and what still needs to be done. We also looked at a possible bulletin board idea that Katelyn created to make a bigger presence in the hallway.

After, Caleb explained what he has been working on for the past 4 1/2 years to the new undergraduate assistants. He explained his triangle model, and also discussed with Steve how their two topics of interest were intertwined and related.

Tammy continued with a review of Vision and Change. The lab also talked about Next Generation Science Standard (NGSS) and how it closely relates to Vision and Change, along with the importance of these new standards.

Next week we will talk about the vaccination issue.

2/4/2015 – Biology Education National Efforts

In this week’s meeting, we started off with logistics of the lab. We talked about payroll updates, building access, and keys for the lab. We also caught up with the undergrad assistants, asking what project they were working on and any questions that they had.

We mostly discussed the current experiment about biology education across the nation. Dr. Long explained the current experiment being worked on in this lab, including the history of how it this project was started. Following this explanation, everyone discussed the state of biology education as a whole, and at Michigan State, expressing their own opinions, and asking many questions about this current topic.

Next week (2/11/15) we will discuss the REAL and REESE proposals.