What Happened in 2013?

Summer 2013

Beccawent on a fantastic study abroad in Ecuador to study biology on the Galápagos Islands and in the Amazonia. Becca also had an Undergraduate Research Assistantship position at the MSU Kellogg Biological Station where she worked under a PhD student doing research on foraging behavior on juvenile bluegill sunfish at the KBS Pond Lab Facilities in Hickory Corners, Michigan.

Sasha – Went on a medical service trip to the Dominican Republic and is planning on returning again this year. She also completed an internship at the Michigan Department of Community Health.

Anthony – Got engaged! Congratulations!

Jack– Participated in the CDC funded Future Public Health Leaders Program at the University of Michigan

Molly – had an internship in Governor Snyder’s office. She worked in his constituent relations division specifically dealing with questions relating to his Medicaid expansion plan

Jennifer – Had her son Arthur in April. Recently, Arthur had has first swimming lessons! Jennifer is now in the process of applying for faculty positions

EtiowoVolunteered in free medical clinics in Belize.  He also spent time shadowing a rheumatologist.

Spring 2013

Jack – Was accepted in the student Health Advisory Council on campus. He was also elected Vice President of UNICEF@MSU

Molly – During spring break, Molly’s dog, Freeway, became a certified therapy dog, allowing Molly to take her into all hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and more. Molly also spent a week in the Dominican Republic on a medical mission trip. On this trip, she traveled all over the country opening up clinics to help treat people who are not fortunate enough to have any health care.